10-Year-Old Invents Groundbreaking Device To Stop Infant Deaths In Hot Cars

10-Year-Old Invents Groundbreaking Device To Stop Infant Deaths In Hot Cars

Bishop Curry, now 12, created a new device called the Oasis that will be soon available in the market, and it costs only $30.

Hot car deaths are a huge and consistent problem. On average, there are around 37 infant deaths per year in hot cars. It was a problem that needed to be looked into and here to save the day was Bishop Curry. Curry developed a device when he was just 10-years-old, that would help prevent such incidents from taking place. The idea of creating such a device hit the now 12-year-old boy when he heard that his neighbor's six-month-old infant had died due to being in an overheated car. He decided to start working on the life-saving device in order to put an end to this. In an interview with Huffington Post, Curry said, "It kind of came in my head." He decided to name the device Oasis, after the ones found in the deserts. The device reads and responds to rising temperatures by emitting cool air. It then uses an antenna to send a signal to the parents and authorities, informing them that the child is in extremely hot temperatures and needs to get out of there.

In the beginning, it was just an idea in the boy's mind. He made a clay model of the Oasis after which his father decided to get him some help. They started a GoFundMe page in 2017 to help fund the manufacturing of the device. This device caught the attention of thousands of people and lots of parents were more than willing to help. That same year, the family was informed by the attorneys that the sum of the manufacturing cost and the patent would cost $20,000. However, the funds from the online donation page exceeded the $20,000 mark. The family managed to raise around $50,000 in a span of 26 months. 


Bishop Curry was greatly supported by his family, friends, teachers, and thousands of parents across the United States. "They want to work for me," he said. While talking to Romper about how he came up with the idea, the boy from McKenny, Texas, said, "I didn’t think this should happen to anyone so I came up with my invention. I started breaking down the problem and thinking of [solutions] to solve it in unique pieces." Curry has always been fascinated in creating things, right from a homemade catapult to thinking of how ice and snow could melt faster on roads without the use of salt. 


So how does this amazing device work? It's simple. The Oasis works by attaching a fan to the headrest of a child's car seat. The device is programmed to keep a constant check on the temperature. When it reads that the temperature is above a certain limit, as in the car is overheated, it starts to blow cool air. An antenna that Curry had built into the device will alert parents and emergency services that the child is in danger. The boy has managed to make the entire device all by himself. The good news is that, with the help of his dad, Curry has already got a patent in place for the device. 

Source: GoFundMe

The device is said to be hitting the market soon. It is a much-needed device due to the increase in the number of hot car deaths every single year. The number of deaths has been rising consistently every year despite the frequent warnings given by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Children should never be left alone in a hot car. They are too young to get out on their own and are trapped in an overheated car for longer than their bodies can handle. It happens to the best of us especially parents and caregivers when we are distracted. It's not like they do it deliberately. Sometimes parents leave their babies in the car while they make a quick dash for an errand or if their baby is sleeping, and happen to leave their children behind in the cars. 


Well, there are measures we need to take to ensure such things do not happen until the product finally hits the market. Also, the $30 product might be a lifesaver but that doesn't mean we should completely rely on it. So, how do we prevent children from dying in hot cars, or landing up in hot cars in the first place? First, always make sure your car doors are locked and the keys are in a safe space. Sometimes children end up locking themselves in and this is what results in their death. Then, keep something important, like your purse besides your child, in the back seat. That way you always open the back door to reach out for it and even in times of crisis like when you are being pulled over, you'll remember that there's a baby in the car that cannot be left alone for too long. 


You can also try and leave like an inch of your back seat windows open so that the heat and the child are not trapped in there together. The simplest way is to just take the child outside with you, no matter how difficult it might be to handle them in particular situations. There are other devices and apps that help signal parents that there is a child in the backseat that they shouldn't ever forget about. It sends them a notification or signals them in some way, letting them know as soon as they get out of the car that they're forgetting someone behind. 


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