20 Women Show That Body Hair Can Be Sexy In Empowering "Natural Beauty" Photoshoot

20 Women Show That Body Hair Can Be Sexy In Empowering "Natural Beauty" Photoshoot

Women show us how body hair can be beautiful, powerful, and feminine in an extraordinary photoshoot by Ben Hopper.

London-based photographer Ben Hopper set out to give women a platform to challenge the unrealistic beauty standards that they are often forced to conform to. From wearing makeup on a daily basis to resorting to painful methods of body hair removal, women's bodies are subjected to more criticism and torment than men's bodies. These 20 women said no more, no longer. In an effort to encourage women to be more comfortable in their own skin, Hopper and a group of women completed a "Natural Beauty" photo shoot that shows women in their rawest, most natural state - and most definitely, at their sexiest.

1. "I was emanating a power and a self-confidence that lots of men (and women, I’m bisexual) found really attractive."


2. "I felt so relieved and free when I let it grow out. It felt like being able to breathe. It was incredibly comfortable too. I felt confidence and boldness returning, like I was replenishing some kind of primal power."


3. "There are days where quite frankly I wish I was more hairy, and at least had the option for a beard!"


4. "I stopped shaving because I quickly came to realize the absurdity that a lack of body hair equated with femininity."


5. "I’ve had conversations with lovers and ‘male’ friends who claimed to find my body hair attractive, symbolic of freedom and nature."


6. "Why is being shaved considered to be more feminine? Why is body hair seen as something dirty?"


7. "I think everyone should try going without any non-essential grooming at some point in their life. It will shave (pun intended) lots of time off your routine, and it’s really interesting to see what your body naturally does."


8. "I can’t think of anything more feminine and sexy than a woman who proudly shows her body in its natural form."


9. "It really irritated me that the people who reacted negatively to my natural armpit hair were men. Like it was the most disgusting thing in the world. It really gets on my tits."


10. "I couldn’t care what others felt, sort of empowered and comfortable in what my body naturally decided to look like."


11. "The modern woman is made to feel as if her own body is unnatural; we're uncomfortable with our skin."


12. "I wish to inspire other people to take care of themselves and accept themselves the way they are - as an act of self-love."


13. "It makes me so happy to be able to shift my focus away from superimposed ideas. It is completely my choice, once I realized that I have a choice. And that is the beauty - the freedom, and the space in my head that I am reclaiming to myself."


14. "It was a paradigm shift into letting go and seeing myself in a natural state, realizing how beautiful it is to embrace this part of you!"


15. "Be yourself and be the beauty you wish to see in others. Remember that your skin is just the carrier for the true beauty which lies within.”


16. "When [my body hair] started to get longer I found myself often stroking the hair, I couldn't resist playing with it. It felt quite erotic."


17. "Ultimately if I do or don't have body hair it's no one's business but my own.”


18. "As my hair grew, I grew stronger with it.”


19. "It made me feel at peace with myself. I realized that we are responsible for what we like and what we don't like. I realized that beauty is really just in the eye of the beholder and that all of us have a choice."


20. "Everyone is beautiful, with hair or without, but we need to stop teaching that difference is wrong and start teaching that it is a fantastic thing."


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