'A Star Is Born' Returns To Theatres For Only A Week With 12 Minutes Of New Footage

'A Star Is Born' Returns To Theatres For Only A Week With 12 Minutes Of New Footage

Fresh off its Oscar win, Warner Bros. announced that 'A Star Is Born' will return to the big screen just for one week with 12 minutes of new footage.

If you're team Gaga and Cooper you'll be thrilled to know A Star Is Born will be returning to theatres with 12 additional minutes of Jack and Ally. Warner Bros. made the announcement on Thursday. Scheduled to hit 1,150 screens, the Oscar-nominated movie will run just for a week starting Friday. Bradley Cooper's directorial debut was first released in October last year and raked in over $425 million at the worldwide box office. There is no denying the electric chemistry between Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga both onscreen and off it, which is probably what helped sell the story of Jake and Ally's tragic romance. The extended version of the movie will feature additional music scenes plus longer versions of old songs, too. The decision to musically enrich the hit movie before reintroducing it to the big screen was perhaps inspired by Gaga's well-deserved Oscar win for Shallow which was nominated for best original song. 



 It is near impossible to have watched the movie and walked away without having the achingly sad yet romantic strain of Shallow stuck in your head. The song's success goes beyond its artistic brilliance alone. It stands out for its ability to invoke a type of sentimentality that is rare to find. Shallow is not only Ally's breakout song but also marks the first time she shares the stage with Jack. The way he looks at her with pride, love, and awe spilling out of his eyes all at once as she seizes her moment is too precious to forget. 


Cooper looked at Gaga like that on the night of the Oscars, too, when they took the stage together in real life to sing Shallow live. The two appeared to forget that they were in a room full of people, keeping their eyes locked almost to the very last note. In that moment they were just Jack and Ally again, basking in their broken love. As the song gathered momentum and threatened to near its conclusion, Cooper rose from his place opposite Gaga and slipped in beside her on the piano bench, holding her close as they sang the chorus together.  


Watching the two huddled together with their heads pressed together and their eyes held closed as they sang the last notes of Shallow was heartbreaking. You almost wished that they could stay there like that forever. When there was no more song left to sing and their eyes gently opened, the two shared a look that said more than what a thousand love songs ever could. That tender moment opened the floodgates of speculation as many rooted for the two to submit to the love the whole world could clearly see, while criticized their public display of love.  


Gaga breaking off her engagement with Christian Carino during the press tour did not help quiet rumors of the possibility that a forbidden love was beginning to blossom between her and Cooper. However, the two have continued to maintain that their affection is platonic and born out of immense respect for each other's talent. Yet, the words La Vie en Rose are permanently etched on to Gaga's back, on either side of her spine where a thorny rose now eternally blooms. It is a souvenir of the moment Jack first hears Ally sing in the movie and hopelessly falls in love with her.  


The two will now return to their different worlds of movies and music, possibly ending the romance that never was. You can treat yourself to the sweet misery of their tragic love on the big screen one last time and soak in all the old moments that made the movie special while experiencing new ones too. The new scenes in the re-release of A Star Is Born will include Jack and Ally writing a new song titled Clover together, Ally singing Is That Alright? to Jack for their wedding, and finally, Jack singing Too Far Gone in his studio. The special screening will also feature extended versions of the songs Black Eyes and Alibi, in addition to Lady Gaga’s impromptu acappella rendition of Shallow.  


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