Biker Gangs Vow To Stand Guard Outside New Zealand Mosques During First Friday Prayer Since Massacre

Biker Gangs Vow To Stand Guard Outside New Zealand Mosques During First Friday Prayer Since Massacre

Waikato Mongrel Mob gang president Sonny Fatu offered to protect Muslims during their Friday prayers. The gang protected Jamia Masjid mosque in Hamilton as Muslim Association welcomed any and everyone to join them during the prayer.

The Christchurch massacre shook people across the world, especially all the people in New Zealand - a peaceful country where nobody thought something this terrorizing could take place. As Muslims in New Zealand conduct their first ever Friday prayer after the attacks, people from all communities across the world have shown their support to prove that such devastating incidents will not divide them. Members of the Waikato Mongrel Mob have vowed to stand outside the Jamia Masjid mosque and protect the people during prayer on Friday. The president of the gang, Sonny Fatu, has shown this supportive gesture and promised that his Muslim brothers and sisters can pray without any fear in the Hamilton mosque. Various other biker gangs have also pledged to protect the people after the Waikato Mongrel Mob stepped up. The attacks resulted in the death of 50 people and left several more injured, this is something that will not happen again thanks to the gang's support.

"We will support and assist our Muslim brothers and sisters for however long they need us," said Fatu in an interview with Stuff. "We were contacted by a representative who tagged me in and said some of our Muslim brothers and sisters have fears for Friday during their prayer, and the question was posed whether we could be a part of the safety net for them to allow them to pray in peace without fear." Dr. Asad Mohsin, president of the Waikato Muslim Association said that he and the entire community appreciate the support they are getting from everyone in the society.


Dr. Asad Moshin said that he is very appreciative of the support they are receiving from "different sections of society, different interests, and dispositions." He further added that he did not view the mob as gang members. He rather viewed them as helpful people. He said, "We value them as humans and we appreciate that they value us too." Moshin has also invited the gang to enter the mosque and pray along with his fellow Muslims rather than just outside and guard them. He says that it was imperative that the people do not bow down to terror.

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Sonny Fatu said that the gangs were there to protect the people and make sure that no negative incidents take place again. He also said that the gangs would dress appropriately for the prayer and not carry any weapons. "We are peacefully securing the inner gated perimeter, with other community members, to allow them to feel at ease." In his opinion, this is a time when everybody needs to stay united and be there for one another. We cannot let terror divide us.


Fatu also spoke about how he felt like the Muslim community is often misrepresented. "Our differences are the glue that hold us so tightly together. We must now focus not on where we have been, but where we are going. Let us repair the holes in our waka and restrategize the rest of our journey," he said. "A Karanga as been sent out, vibrating across the universe, conjuring all leadership to come forward and unite our people." All that said, the Muslim Association has opened its doors for anyone who would wish to join them in prayer on Friday.


The association has also received support from the police as they wish to allow the public in. They said that if they were unable to fit everyone in the prayer hall, they will accommodate some of them outside in the park.  "We would love everybody to come, but we don't want anybody to show they are scared. We are not scared. You don't have to stand outside the mosque, we want you to be inside, with us," Moshin added. He also said that their association and the Muslim community was inclusive and free of judgment.


Fatu has promised that none of the gang members would carry any weapons and that their gesture is a peaceful one. So far, members of the Black Power, Mongrel Mob, Hells Angels, and King Cobras have taken part in tributes to honor the victims of the terrorist attack. On Sunday, 10 members of the Black Power, a mob that was started in 1970, came together near the police cordon at Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch to perform the haka dance. It was as though they were challenging terrorism, trying to send the message that nothing could divide the people.


It is not just in Hamilton that the mobs have been working to protect the people. In Sydney, the Mongrel Mob has been seen guarding Muslim places of worship. Supportive gestures have been shown by people from all across the world. In California, people formed a human chain around a mosque to show that the place of worship was always going to be protected. 

New Zealand Police said it has formally identified 21 of the 50 victims murdered in the shooting as of Wednesday. As reported by the Daily Mail, their bodies are now being shown to their respective families, NZ Police Commissioner Mike Bush said. The identification process began as soon as the attacks got over. Around 120 forensic workers are involved in the process. 


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