This Pool Float Has A Place For Your Breasts To Rest And It's The Best Thing That Could Happen This Season

This Pool Float Has A Place For Your Breasts To Rest And It's The Best Thing That Could Happen This Season

Bravissimo has launched it's first boob-friendly lilo or pool float which is hands downs the perfect female companion this summer!

What's better than spending your time swimming in a pool to beat the heat this summer? The answer is to relax comfortably on a pool float or lilo once you are tired. While lounging on a float in the pool sounds like the ideal pastime, it could be a big NO for women with big bosoms. Just imagine the discomfort one might feel while lying on their stomach. The crushing of one's breasts under their weight can be very painful. But thanks to Bravissimo, you no longer have to worry about that. Their latest product is something that has been specifically designed for us big bosomed ladies!


The lingerie and swimwear brand has finally introduced its pool float which contains a hollow space that fits our breasts perfectly! Gone are the days of suffocated boobs because this product is what dreams are actually made of. Of course, you wouldn't know it until you actually tried it. You can easily do so by purchasing one because the best part about it is the affordable cost. It has been priced at $45 only!



Initially, this float was meant to be a joke. A brilliant April Fool's prank or at least that's what the makers thought until it turned out to be something else. The brand posted a mock-up of this product which could potentially hit the markets soon. None of them realized how seriously everyone would take it until this was made public. This overwhelming response made them think about the future of this women-centric lilo.


The makers wrote on their website. "Back in spring, we posted an April Fool’s joke on social media to say that we were developing a lilo with room for your boobs so Bravissimo girls would be able to relax on their front in comfort. It had made us giggle in the office, and made the bigger-boobed among us sigh… if only! And that’s as far as it would go… or so we thought. You asked for it so here it is… a lilo for Bravissimo girls, with room for your boobs!"

Source: Instagram


"When we posted on our social networks an April Fools’ joke about developing a lilo with room for your boobs, we were not expecting hundreds of you to tell us that you really, really wanted one... but your reaction made it clear that we had to do it! We turned it around in record time to make sure you could buy one in time for summer – so here it is! We really hope it floats your boat!" This lilo is indeed a blessing in disguise!

Source: Instagram


Apart from introducing this product, they also decided to share some of the crazy yet creative ideas that people had. Instead of just using it at the pool, they really had a futuristic vision. "You even had visions of bringing it to your next massage appointment, or using it as an airbed to get the best night’s sleep ever, as well as using it while rocking a bikini!" 


"As we hope you know, our absolute favorite thing is when we can provide something that big-boobed women want and has never been available before… so as we watched your comments stack up in our inbox, it dawned on us that we really had to give this a go! Although we’re clearly not experts in lilos (!), we couldn’t miss the opportunity to kit you out with it in time for summer… so we dived head-first into developing an inflatable that would be the hol(e)y grail for Bravissimo girls."


They went on to express their excitement saying: "We’re really excited for you to try this out, and we really hope it floats your boat! If you’re excited too, why not become one of the first Bravissimo girl lilo owners?  We’ve developed it in record time to make it available for the summer so if you think we could do something better next time, please tell us – you’re always brilliant at giving us your views and we love to learn from you and improve what we do." This is customer satisfaction goals, right here.




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