Bride Invents Genius Ikea Bag Hack For Stress-Free Pee Breaks On Wedding Day

Bride Invents Genius Ikea Bag Hack For Stress-Free Pee Breaks On Wedding Day

A woman who called herself Tina posted on the IKEA Hacks blog, giving step-by-step instructions on how to go about the idea. Her post quickly went viral with a number of people wondering why they had not thought of the idea before.

While the wedding day is one that couples most look forward to, it can also be one of the most stressful days for them. It's an occasion when friends, relatives eat, drink, laugh or cry and make merry. But have you ever thought what going to the restroom for a bride, in her pristine and white wedding dress, would be like?  Imagine the kind of trouble that she has to go through every time she has to answer nature's call.  Assuming that emotions, alcohol consumption, and appetite are all running at an all-time high on this day, one never knows when you get the urge to "go". One woman in the U.K. has found a perfect yet simple solution to this problem, only using an IKEA bag.   The woman who has identified herself only as Tina, posted her wedding-day-toilet-hack in the IKEA hackers blog,it and has quickly gone viral.



She gives a step-by-step explanation of how to go about with her hack.  Titled 'How to go to the bathroom in a wedding dress: An IKEA blue bag hack', the post recounted how she came up with the idea during her own wedding day. She began, "Well, I got married a few weeks ago (in a mermaid wedding dress) and I was really worried about going to the bathroom and not being able to … handle myself. Someone helping or watching me going to the bathroom on my wedding day? Not being able to have free hands to use the toilet paper? Or even worse if my period decides to show? NO WAY!"


She added, "Some stuff like this bridal bathroom helper exists but are expensive just because it is wedding related." First, one needs to cut the bottom of the bag right in the middle. Be careful not to make the hole too big. Tina also instructed that the hole must be very close to one's body if you want to make this work. She warned, "I have large hips, DO NOT take my measurements as an example. Each body is different." The person will then need to step inside the bag while it is on the ground and place their feet in the hole.



The next step is to put the handles of the bag on one's shoulders in a manner of carrying a rucksack while lifting the entire dress inside the bag. If one's hips do not fit through the hole, she instructed making the hole bigger is advisable. She wrote, "Your hips need to fit in the hole, but the closer the bag is to your body, the better." That's about as much that this hack takes. Quite a clever idea that is sure to help many ladies out there on their special day. She said, "You can give this bag to your bridesmaids or leave it in the bathroom of your wedding venue."





She did have some final instructions at the end of her blog post. "When you need to go to the bathroom. – Simply step inside the bag, your feet in the hole. You don’t need to remove your shoes! Pay attention to step in the hole, not in the bag if you don’t want to have a dirty wedding dress. Take the bottom of your dress and put it in the bag — all of it. Place the larger handles on your shoulders. You can also if you prefer, ask someone to just help you put the dress inside the bag and to leave you alone after. You are ready to go! Both hands are free to do whatever you need to do without anyone watching!"





She added, "You can: Pull down and up your underwear yourself, change your period protection yourself, you can use the toilet paper yourself!" It's surely no rocket science and Tina's method is super pocket-friendly too. She highlighted this on her blog as well, “My bridal bathroom helper hack costs about 0.80 euro and I did it the day before my wedding. It took only 3 minutes. What I like best is it’s almost free and allows me to make my life easier on my wedding day.”

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