Celebrate Christmas Every Single Day Of The Year At This Magical Inn

Celebrate Christmas Every Single Day Of The Year At This Magical Inn

This inn also provides delicious meals and a variety of spa packages. If you love Chirstmas then this is the place to go!

Christmas is that time of the year everyone looks forward to and what's better is the celebration that comes along with it. It's that one holiday of the year that brings all your loved ones together under the same roof. And the best part has to be the delicious roast which ends with some eggnog and some lip-smacking dessert. Unfortunately, it's doesn't last more than a day, but what if we told you it could be otherwise? Yes, you can now get the Christmas feels all year long and you don't even have to travel all the way to the North Pole!


According to Delish.com, the Christmas Farm Inn & Spa is a beautiful bed and breakfast situated in the White Mountains in Jackson, New Hampshire. This 15-acre property is open all year long and is the perfect getaway for friends and family. Their main objective is to provide customers with the endless joy that Christmas brings all year round. 


The website lists a vague history (as most of the historical records were burned away in a tragic fire accident) about the owners of this Inn and it's pretty interesting. It was once part jail, part church, and part farmhouse. Also, the main building was said to have been build in 1778 inspired by a Cape Cod-style Saltbox. The website elaborates on its history and says, "The original building – the front section of the red house-was built more than 200 years ago. This Cape Cod-style “saltbox” believed to be built in 1778, was the farmhouse of the Rufus Pinkham family. The front portion of the white main building was erected in about 1786 and became the new Pinkham homestead. The red house was then converted to storage use. At one point, though, the red house was the local lockup!"



The property was owned by several others before it was passed on to Chase B. Perkins by his brother in 1883. Perkins then decided to run it as an inn, given the number of people who wanted to stay in the area. "Before long, Perkins Cottages were going so well that Chase had to expand. An addition to the Main Inn was extended out behind the original two stories, but that even wasn’t enough. Guests at this time were almost totally summer visitors in this country." Instead of building the structure again he decided to expand the "Free Will Baptist Church" from just up the road and attached it to the back of the Inn.


A few decades down the tunnel the current owners are Gary and Sandra Plourde since May 2010. With years of experience in this field, Gary and Sandra who are originally from Maine and Germany decided to "preserve the heritage and authenticity of the Christmas Farm Inn & Spa for future generations." 


Each of the colonial-themed rooms in the Inn has names like Rudolph, Elves, Cupid, Sleigh Bells and many more.  They also provide different rooms which depend on who you're visiting the place with. From cottages to family barns, they have several options. They also provide a tempting food menu along with relaxing Spa facilities and several other activities based on the season you're visiting.


The services provided by this inn are really special if reviews by the customers are anything to go by. Angela who seems to have had a pretty fun time there writes, "We purchased the elopement package and they did such a wonderful job for our wedding. The room, flowers, food, and ceremony was beautiful! They really made the day special for us a few of our closest friends. We've enjoyed coming to the Christmas Farm Inn over the years and are happy that we chose them for a wedding celebration. Highly recommend!" Another customer, Jennifer writes, "Great little inn tucked away in the quiet town of Jackson. I stayed for two nights for a wonderful wedding. I also took advantage of the spa. great massages!"


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