This Cinema Replaces All The Seats With Comfy Double Beds For The Best Movie-Watching Experience

This Cinema Replaces All The Seats With Comfy Double Beds For The Best Movie-Watching Experience

This VIP experience comes for about $48.50 which will include snacks and drinks, AND they offer slippers as well! Pampered much?

Let's face it. We all have wanted to cinema experience without leaving the comfort of our bedrooms. We want the surround sound, the 3D effect, and the popcorn while we are snug and warm inside those sheets and the air conditioning is still on full blast. Well, this cinema hall has come to make your dream come ALMOST true.


While you will still have to get out of your house to get to this cinema hall, they have just opened a ‘VIP bedroom’ screen, reports Daily Mail. The screen has luxurious double beds instead of traditional seats. There are 11 beds with adjustable headrests, grey and beige sheets, and two pillows. The experience is enhanced with bedside tables, which give a home-like and relaxed ambiance. The ‘VIP bedroom’ is inside Cinema Pathé, in the northwesterly municipality of Spreitenbach near the Swiss-German border.




The CEO of the company, Venanzio Di Bacco said, "The offer is unique in Switzerland. But we tested the concept abroad and had no problems so far." The VIP ticket for this unique experience is priced at 49 francs (around $48.50), which include free food and a drink. If you are paying for this, you also needn't worry about queues for snacks and drinks. And this place really pampers you silly - they even offer slippers to enhance this 'bedroom' experience for you! Mind-officially-blown! But that isn't all, it seems. The CEO said that they're launching some gourmet delicacies which include waffles and crepes.


For those who do not want to risk sleeping off on these amazing and comfy double beds, these guys also have a screen with double sofas. This screen has a 350-capacity IMAX screen. Can we just curl up and cry at all this awesomeness, pleeeease?



But wait, what about those sheets? Won't there be hundreds of bums resting exactly where yours will be? If that thought is sending shudders down your spine, Di Bacco has an answer for us. The CEO told the media that the sheets will be changed after every single screening. "The hygiene aspect is very important to us," says he.



If you think this movie hall's offerings end here, think again. They seem to have pulled all the stops by creating something that we haven't heard of before - a cinema area for children! This area is filled with bean bags, a ball pit and even a slide to use instead of stairs! Ah, reminds us of the time when climbing down the stairs was just too mainstream! We wonder if they will allow adults to use that slide, to fulfill this childhood fantasy. This awesome experience for your kids costs 14.50 francs ($14) per child. Believe us, your child will be very thankful to you for this experience.

Now, we don't care how expensive Switzerland is to get to or visit, we are definitely going to this cinema hall. The internet has responded to the news rather interestingly. Some are worried that they might fall asleep, others about the hygiene. But a lot of them are worried about the 'carnal shenanigans' that are bound to happen.








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