Disney Bans Smoking, Large Strollers And More From All US Parks

Disney Bans Smoking, Large Strollers And More From All US Parks

There will be smoking zones outside the parks. Big strollers have also been banned and this is in anticipation of bigger crowds and more congestion before the opening of the 'Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge' park at the end of May

There's some good news for people visiting Disneyland themed parks this summer.  Bad news for smokers though! Starting on May 1, 2019, people will no longer be allowed to smoke or use big strollers in the premises of  Disney parks in Florida and California. These include Disneyland themed parks and its water parks, Walt Disney World, Downtown Disney, and the ESPN Wide World Sports Complex. In a communique about the same on the Disney World website, it mentioned that the aforementioned areas "will become smoke-free." Already Disney World has in place rules against smoking tobacco,  e-cigarettes or anything that "produces smoke or vapor." It also mentions that smoking marijuana or other "illegal substances are not permitted at any time.  With regards to restrictions on strollers, the website mentioned that strollers that are greater than 31 inches (79 cm) in width and 52 inches (132cm) in length will be prohibited. Stroller wagons will also be prohibited. The move is expected to make all these places more children friendly and will also relieve the congestion that takes place during the rush of the summer crowd. However, it is not all that bad for smokers since Disney has put designated places for them to puff away. 


Smokers will be able to light up in select areas outside the park entry points and in smoking areas at the Disney Resort hotels and Disney Springs. While people visit Disney parks around the year, many more visitors from across the country throng Disney parks in the summers. This year, Disney World is also opening the new 'Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge' land in Disneyland, California by the end of May and at the Hollywood Studios in Florida near the end of August.


As a result, Disney is anticipating larger crowds leading to more congestion than seen before. Deb Koma, the editor of the AllEars and spokesperson for Disney told CNN, "As we expand our offerings, we will continue to take steps to enhance the guest experience and make it more enjoyable for everyone who visits." Net Disney fan site believes that the new policies are a great improvement and steps in the right direction. 


Koma also said, "Restricting stroller size and prohibiting wagon strollers will, hopefully, eliminate the traffic problems they can cause -- blocking walkways, bumping into guests (especially little ones) and taking up space in queues and elsewhere. Guests shouldn't be too concerned with this new policy, because many strollers already fit the size requirements." Koma further said that both the stroller and smoking changes "are for the better and (I) think Disney is smart to consider all these various ways to minimize the problems the throngs of Galaxy's Edge visitors might create."


In January, ticket prices of Disneyland were raised. Prices rose by an average of 8 percent although they vary by ticket. This was ahead of the summer opening of the 'Star Wars: Summer Galaxy'. If visitors still insist on taking strollers, Disney insists that they measure its size. As mentioned already, strollers larger than 31 inches (79 cm) wide and 52 inches (132 cm) long, won't go inside the park and people have been advised to check this before they pick one.

Reactions were swift to the smoking ban. A Twitter handle, Mermaid-American wrote: Disney’s smoking ban seems extreme. If you’re in the UK pavilion at Epcot you must go ALL the way out the front gate to smoke?? I’m sure that isn’t going to piss off people who are likely getting agitated because they need a cigarette. Are we acting like it’s easy to get around?  Another person, Julia‏ hoped that the new set of rules will also include vaping.


Julia wrote on Twitter: The other day, I heard a commercial about how vaping is not smoking, and most vape people I’ve met take that viewpoint. Disney has always (correctly, IMO) seem them as the same, so I’m hoping the smoking ban also includes vape smoking. Another Twitter user, Brian Levine‏ wrote: Yes, I heard the news that Disney is banning smoking in their US Parks & I am not happy. Really? A few small areas in each park was such a problem for the non-smoking guests? ...Going to miss the Disney Parks



Disney stated that already existing double jogging strollers fit the new size limits and can be taken in. If needed, Disney also rents strollers for $15 per day or $13 daily for a multiday stay. In addition to the smoking and stroller restrictions, there is also a rule about bringing ice to the parks. The organization mentions that loose or dry ice is another item that isn't allowed. One can use reusable ice packs or get free cups of ice by visiting the park's Quick-Service location.

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