Embroidery Tattoos Are A Thing Now And We Can't Help But Marvel At The Fine Work

Embroidery Tattoos Are A Thing Now And We Can't Help But Marvel At The Fine Work

A combination of embroidery designs in tattooing has taken the world by storm and here are our picks from what really stand out.

Tattooing and embroidery are seemingly two different art forms. One is the art of putting designs and drawings on one's skin using needles while the other is the art of sewing designs and patterns on cloth.  One could not possibly imagine that the two could be combined together or could we?  Art keeps on evolving over time and artists' desire to test the limits of their trades has often led t beautiful combinations, fusions and the beginnings of something that one has never seen before. The latest in this is long trend is embroidery tattoos. Before you jump from your seats and cringe at the thought of embroidery designs being sewn into your skin, just hold on a minute. These are tattoos that resemble embroidery designs and the results are astonishingly good.  They have an almost 3D like appearance and you might actually be confused whether these designs were sewn in the skin rather than just being tattooed. The folksy and tribal feel of these tattoos is something that has a very aesthetic appeal. Here is a look at some of the best embroidery tattoos designs we've picked for you. 

1. If you're one with a wild side this dreamy elephant embroidered tattoo just seems like a thing one would want.


2. Who knew just geometric patterns could look so good on your skin! 


3. Here's to Flower Power! 


4. This skill level in the detailing of this heart is insane, to say the least.


5. We are sure Van Gogh would be impressed too if he were alive.


6. Simple yet so fine, this flower tattoo...



7. ....and of course, a flower needs an embroidered butterfly.


8. If only there was a way to translate all those designs by our grandmas onto our arms.


9. Heck, any design of embroidery tattoos will look good!  Here's my arm. 


10. Ask your children to look at this tattoo of the birds and the bees. No need for any other explanation.  


11. Lion and patterned design! A combination fit for a King. 


12. Only tribal tattoos are so passe. Embroidered tribal tattoos are the in thing now.


13. Geometric flower design or a nebula! Take your pick people. 


14. This is straight out of my table cloth but why does it still looks so good?


15. It can be simple as some M&Ms yet really fine.


16. More M&Ms in geometry..


17. This bird has been taken straight out of a tree and onto this arm.


18. This thigh tattoo is prophetic. It says embroidery tattoos will become bigger and bigger.


19. Don't you dare touch me lest you wanna be beaten with this realistic cacti. Look at those thorns! 


20. Johhny Bravo says, "Man, I'm pretty."


21. A dog? A bear? A python? It doesn't matter. It's beautiful. 


22. That's simply beautiful





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