7 Reasons Why You Should Go On A Trip With Your Mom At Least Once A Year

7 Reasons Why You Should Go On A Trip With Your Mom At Least Once A Year

Moms can be the best travel partners ever. We just need to go out with them once to know. Here are some reasons why.

Moms are a paradox of nature. They know that you and your partner had a fight from your 'Hello' and then listen to you bawling for hours. But they are also the same ones who will tell you that your finances are in shambles and what a child you are. In most of our cases, we have a rather contentious relationship with our mothers when we are growing up. But we usually miss them a lot when we move out. Somethings are just easier when they are around. Some of us have good relationships with our mothers, some don't. But there is no denying that mothers do have an impact on our lives, whether they have been present in your life or not.

As children, we were a lot more expressive with our love and gratitude. However, adulting usually leaves us with little to no time and/or energy to do the same. Traveling is one of the best ways to treat them to a good time. Sure, you've got your own group of friends and your favorite cousins. But a trip with your mother may just be the new experience that you need this year. Here are seven reasons why you need to go on that trip, now!

1. You both make a lot of fun memories.

You never know, you may just have a ton of fun with your mother. You're grown up, she doesn't have any responsibilities on this trip. She's probably as free as she can be. So this setting could just make her carefree. Cue the madness that she probably got up to when she didn't have so many responsibilities. And now that you know just how amazing it is to travel with your mom, maybe this should become an annual thing, just so you can stock up on those memories.


2. It gets both of you out of your comfort zone.

Who would have imagined you would go on a trip with your mom? You'd think that it won't be fun, cuz let's face it, your mom might just grill you about the last boy you dated or your sleeping patterns. Discovering new sides of each other and getting out of your comfort zone to take the risk is going to be worth it when you have the time of your life on the trip with your mom!


3. You can both cross things off your bucket list.

You're not the only one with things on the bucket list, you know. So just check with her once before you plan the trip. Who knows? There might be that one place both you and she will want to go. Sounds exciting, doesn't it?  You two can then sit and chart out all the things you'd like to do there. What places to see, what experiences to be part of, what food to eat. Crossing something off your bucket list with your mother deserves a place on your bucket list!


4. It gives you a chance to catch up.

Both of you are in a new place. You don't have daily chores to do, no jobs to tend to, no families to deal with, no social calls to go for. You are as free as one can be. So you have all the time in the world to catch up on every single thing that has to happen with you since you'll last spoke.


5. You get to know each other better.

The thing is, most mothers are used to being moms for so long that they tend to forget the other aspects of their personality. And a child only sees the motherly side and always behaves like the child around her. But this could be the first time, you two get a proper chance to break these roles and be friends to each other. And do something new together.


6. Your mom could turn out to be the best travel partner.

But she still is your mom after all. She will be able to help you out when you need something. She'll ensure that you eat good, nutritious food. In case there is something you can't pay for, she will shell out the money. And she won't even make a big deal of it. And you two are bound to have a few similar choices, so you'd want to do those things, like go shop in the local market or go sing at a karaoke bar. 


7. It is the BEST gift you could give her.

Your mother wants your undivided time and attention, more than anything else in the world. And she deserves it for all that she has done for you. And when you willingly choose to spend time with her, it makes her feel amazing and special. That happiness she'll experience is beyond any other joy that she has ever had.


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