Jaden Smith Turns Hero For Flint Residents In Crisis, Will Provide Clean Drinking Water

Jaden Smith Turns Hero For Flint Residents In Crisis, Will Provide Clean Drinking Water

His water company, JUST Water is working in collaboration with other grassroots organizations and a local church to provide clean water to a city hit with water crisis since 2014.

Flint Michigan is once place that has suffered a lot. Its residents have faced a lot of problems when it comes to water supply. Since 2014, city residents have complained about contamination, yet the local authorities have not totally forward to help with the crises. Help has, however, come from a very unlikely quarter - Jaden Smith. His water company is all set to provide clean water to the residents. You heard that right! We knew he was a good actor and could sing quite a bit as well. But Jaden has upped the benchmark of things to do for celebrity millennials with his noble deed.  The Flint water crisis first began in 2014 when the main drinking water source of the city was changed from Lake Huron and the Detroit River to the Flint River. While definitely cheaper, the new arrangement, however, had severe implications for its residents. Due to insufficient water treatment systems set in place, lead crept from the water pipes and into the drinking water.  some thousands of residents were exposed to this contamination.


Some scientific studies also proved that the contamination was present in the water supply. A federal state of emergency was declared in January 2016. Residents of the city were also instructed to use only bottled water for household purposes such as drinking, cooking, cleaning, and bathing. While many officials say that the water quality has improved and that lead levels in the water have reduced to permissible limits, residents expressed their doubts about the same. It's no wonder they still do not use the water supply from Flint's river. Meanwhile, pipes are also being replaced. 


Jaden Smith it appears has been following the issue for quite a while now.  Besides being an actor and singer, he also has a water company called, JUST Water and using his company and the name and money he has made from the Hollywood to help others who are in need! Hats off to you Jaden. You have been taught well. He is however not in this alone. He is teaming up with other members of the community and NGOs working in the city.


Jaden Smith's Just water is working in collaboration with organizations such as the First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church, The Last Kilometer, Rethink H2O, Black Millennials for Flint, and 501CTHREE, with the aim to provide a more reliable supply of potable drinking water for the residents of Flint. The First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church is also being  provided with a mobile filtration system termed the 'Water Box.' This system will remove lead from the local water and make it drinkable.


The idea is for this “Water Box” to be stationed at the church so as to allow residents to bring their own containers and fill up water at certain periods of time. Along with Jaden Smith, his mother, Jada Pinkett-Smith has also offered to throw in a hand. She recently announced a donation of money towards finding a permanent and possible longterm solution to ensure everyone in Flint has access to clean water.


Since the water crisis started, the church has been one of the consistent providers of water for the residents. It's been years of trying to give water however now the money and donations to do the same is fast running out. Making the tap water supply safer to drink is the most viable solution to the entire problem and this is what Just Water is looking to work on as well. Even as lead levels have been shown to back within permissible levels, to the tune of around 12 parts per billion residents however they refuse to still drink the water since no amount of lead is safe for children. 


According to Federal regulations lead contamination to the tune of 15 parts per billion is the permissible limit. Along with the help provided by such celebrities, Flint city authorities are also working on replacing the old lead water pipes that started the water crisis in the first place. More than 18,000 lead pipes that need to be replaced have been identified. Till now around 8,000 of them have been replaced.

While city officials say it’s ahead of schedule, Flint's water crisis is likely to remain for several more years. Residents have also told authorities in clear terms that if the pipes are not completely replaced the question of using the water does not arise, no matter what tests say about the current lead levels. Government officials continue to fail the residents of Flint, even though the right to clean water is absolute. A private citizen and that too not from the city has come to try and offer a solution. Residents of the city will have to wait and watch if their government is serious about providing relief. Meanwhile, the city has people like Jaden Smith. 

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