You Can Now Float On A Giant Jurassic World Inspired T-Rex Float And Scare Sh*t Out Of People

You Can Now Float On A Giant Jurassic World Inspired T-Rex Float And Scare Sh*t Out Of People

If you love dinosaurs and plunging into pools, look no further. This T-Rex float is a dream come true!

If you are a mad fan of Jurassic Park movies, you live this piece of news. Mix this love of dinosaurs with the most happening time of the year with a gigantic, T-Rex float. The best thing about this float is that the huge T-Rex head will keep everyone, especially children, at a distance. So you can quietly sip away at that summer cooler and enjoy the silence. This dino float, inspired by Jurassic Park, will help you appease your inner Ross Geller. Add this to your dino memorabilia.


The float not only comes with a huge dino head but also tiny T-Rex hands and legs, much like the actual prehistoric creature. However, this inflatable reptile looks downright adorable with those appendages. What finishes the spectacle is this mischievous-bordering-on-evil grin that the face has, complete with spiky looking teeth. This for sure will keep those pesky, noisy children away. Whether you are an adult or a child, the float will be a major happy-making object. If you so please, you could even play-act with it, imagining that you are the T-Rex while your child is a human that has unknowingly been transported into the Jurassic Period, a la the namesake movie. Live out all those fantasies you had inside you as a child as well.


Sold by a vendor named Coconut Float on Amazon, the T-rex pool float is an officially licensed pool float by Jurrasic World. It weighs about 3.35 pounds, and when inflated completely, is sure to catch everyone's eye around you. Priced at $39.95, this massive float allows you a lot of space to lie down and enjoy. According to one review on Amazon, "Received this float today and my son couldn't have been more excited. The T-rex is gigantic and is very realistic looking. Very durable great quality." Another one said, "L’Argene (we named her) was a bit hit! Keep in mind that she is a biggie. Best to inflate her on location as transporting her, while hilarious, was a bit treacherous—especially dragging her through a schmancy hotel lobby full of gawking strangers. L’Argene was a pretty popular pool guest. I think she has more Insta followers than me now (which isn’t saying much). Anyway, if you have a great sense of humor or simply have a thing for inflatable dinos, I highly recommend adopting your own T-Rex float," added another.


There is another very cute float that is doing the rounds in the pool circuit. This one is a green avocado float. The float is not only cute, but also extremely multipurpose. The 'seed' of the avocado float is, in fact, an inbuilt beach ball. Cool no? This float too is quite large and provides ample space to lie and relax, as you float away and soak in that summer sun.


This pool float is sold by the vendor LetsFunny on Amazon for $29.99. The product has some amazing reviews and is one of the vendors bestselling products. The seller's description reads, "This large avocado pool float is an evolving classic line. The only avocado pool float that includes a removable beach ball pit. 65in *52 in. Pool ball's diameter is 18 in. Joy to upgrade! Thick, soft and durable premium raft-grade non-phthalates material."

These floats make sure that we lounge in the water all the more. The pools await my friend! 

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