Potholes Instantaneously Fixed After Someone Drew Huge Phalluses Around Them

Potholes Instantaneously Fixed After Someone Drew Huge Phalluses Around Them

Middlesbrough's Council finally fixed the potholes after they had been outlined by phallic graffiti.

The residents of Teesside could not help but applaud the 'power of the willy' which dramatically sped up the process of fixing the potholes on the roads of Middlesbrough. The potholes had become a source of grave inconvenience, and the department that was responsible for fixing them conveniently seemed to ignore the issue. But what they could not ignore was the graphic representation of phalluses down around these potholes. The artist took a rather unconventional yet surefire approach which worked just fine for the people around.


These pictures surfaced about a year ago on a Facebook account, Teesside Connected, and people couldn't help but praise the person responsible for this brilliant idea. A picture by one such resident, Brad Nicholson was posted by the page who coined the phrase "The power of the Willy."  Furthermore, Mr. Nicholson, who went on to post a picture of the now-filled potholes, added that they have there for two years but only became a problem after a year.


He also admitted to not knowing who drew these obscene diagrams which inadvertently helped their cause. "It's about time something was done about all the potholes in Middlesbrough," he said talking about the potholes. A report says that Middlesbrough Council already had their road-mending teams in the Acklam area. Once they were alerted of the situation they made it a priority to repair the "phallus-adorned potholes."


One of the local members appreciating the method went as far as to say, "Wish I had that idea myself, my area is shocking." This comment was backed by other hilarious and witty ones. Another comment read: "There's gonna be a phallus on every pothole now." And there was someone who warned everyone of the eventual rise of the willies: "Teesside is gonna be full of willies... Watch this space." The best one so far had to be this one: "Where there's a willy, there's a way."


According to BBC News, a spokesman of the Middlesbrough Council said, "Middlesbrough, like all local authority areas in the country, has issues with potholes and repairs are carried out on a priority basis determined by the risk they pose to highway users." He also added, "Currently, however, we are carrying out pre-planned works in the Acklam area and staff was able to visit the nearby site on Fane Grove when the matter was reported to us and have patched over the hole."

 Wow. Who ever it is be careful. Me and a mate got dragged to court 4 times over a race chequered flag we painted using white primer. Estimated it at 10k damage. We cleaned it off after we got released from police cells. Final verdict police caution.- Jonathan Robinson

This was not the only time phalluses surfaced bordering potholes. In fact, there exists an artist, Wanksy, (the unconventional prodigy of the famous street artist Banksy, perhaps) who has been showing off his creative skills of drawing many more phalluses. His main objective has been to focus on the dangers that potholes pose. Wanksy clarifies how "potholes are dangerous" on his website and how he's ready to fix every pothole by weaponizing his artistic skills.

Great work if they fix it i will know why im paying road tax. - Don J Bartos

He added, "Not only do they wreck vehicles, but cause accidents they also injure cyclists and are a danger to pedestrians. I highlight dangerous potholes by turning them into temporary works of art, making them more visible and prompting the council to repair them. The council is not too happy, but all my work is created using non-permanent, chalk-based line marker, the same type the council uses when doing repairs."


Wanksy expresses his view on this common problem saying, "The problem is that despite each and every vehicle owner in the land paying road tax, fuel tax, and council tax, that money does not seem to be being spent on our roads, or at least not effectively." He believes in the power of art. "I am a qualified artist, the unclothed body and its anatomy are commonplace in art. The drawings themselves are cartoons, not photographs. Art should provoke a reaction and these pieces do that, generally a positive one."


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