Wedding Bouncy Castles Are A Thing, And Couples Are Just Loving It!

Wedding Bouncy Castles Are A Thing, And Couples Are Just Loving It!

Drown in child-like joy with these inflatable castles that can be customized as per your needs. Add your most fond childhood memory with what will be your best adult memory.

The innocence with which we indulged in childhood games makes for memorable moments. Once we are adults, this indulgence dissipates because we get caught up with our jobs, friends, social obligations, and a ton of other things. But once in a while, we wonder if we could relieve those memories again. Wouldn't it be amazing to just go to a fair and bounce on those inflatable castles or sit in a toy train?


Well, there is a new trend doing the rounds in the wedding industry that can bring back those childhood moments. People are now into having bouncy castles at their wedding! Yep, you read right. The trend was started by a UK-based company called A Wedding Wonderland. The company provides white, customizable bouncy castles. Their awesomeness has made them go viral. There is also another company called Mr. Bouncy Castle that offers only white bouncy castles instead of colorful ones that are used only for weddings.


Tom Robinson, the owner of Mr. Bouncy Castle spoke to HuffPost about the thought behind the idea. He said, "The idea came from a wedding planner who asked if I had a white bouncy castle. At the time there were none available to buy so I had one made." He added, "I quickly discovered that it was very difficult to keep them clean and had to increase the hire price significantly. But the rise in price did not temper demand."

Mr. Bouncy Castle rents out giant, bouncy bundles of joy for £275 (half-day, up to 5 hours) or £285 (whole day, up to 8 hours). They provide bouncy castles in both colors and white. However, one thing to note is that the price increases if the venue requires a staff member to supervise or if they add a generator rental to the package. It has a large, bouncy area and a built-in rain cover, so a drop of rain will not spoil the party. A Wedding Wonderland takes an initial deposit of £50.00 to secure the date and requests for the full amount 28 days prior to the event. The bouncy castles they offer also a quirky backdrop for wedding photos.


A bride, Tor Cox, got a bouncy castle for her wedding. Though it had been initially taken off the list because it was "a bit extravagant", her then-to-be husband sweetly surprised her with one at their April 2018 wedding in Cornwall, UK. "It brought a new level of fun to the day," she told HuffPost. "We only had four children there on the day, so this really was mainly for adult entertainment, which made it even better."

So, add your most fond childhood memory to what is going to be the best memory you are going to make as an adult. Make the most of the most beautiful day of your life, only a lot jumpier. Make the purest and most fun memories ever with these pristine yet adorable bouncy castles.

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