12-Yr-Old With IQ Higher Than Einstein Is Britain's New 'Child Genius', Stuns Audience With Feminist Speech

12-Yr-Old With IQ Higher Than Einstein Is Britain's New 'Child Genius', Stuns Audience With Feminist Speech

Channel 4's 'Child Genius 2019' was won by Nishi Uggale. She closed her win in style with a speech about girls being just as equal, if not better, to boys in the field of math and science.

Who is the brightest child in Britain right now? A 12-year-old girl of Sri Lankan origin and the winner of Channel 4's Child Genius 2019, Nishi Uggalle. Uggalle has an IQ higher than Albert Einstein had, reports the Daily Mail. She was crowned as the winner of the contest on Saturday and greatly impressed one and all with her exceptional intelligence. She also later made a speech about how she wanted to change the perception of only boys being good at mathematics and science. Uggalle is from Manchester and attends a top grammar school. Uggalle won the contest by correctly spelling the word 'neurohypophysis' and beat her competitor, 11-year-old William Harwood. Uggalle is also often called the "human calculator" due to her extraordinary mathematics and science skills. Uggalle counts herself as a Stephen Hawking superfan and used her speech to celebrate women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Her father, Shiromi Jayasinghe is a Vice-President in Barclays Bank while her mother, Neelanga Uggalle, is an accountant. They were both present at the contest and watched their daughter from the audience. They cheered her on throughout the contest.

Daily Mail/ Channel 4

In the first round of the finals, Uggalle achieved a score of 16 out of 20. The final show made for quite a watch with her competitor going head to head and equally giving her quite a fight. This was perhaps one of the most interesting finales in recent editions of the show. The final round also featured a quick-fire buzzer round which included questions from a number of subjects such as geography, science, mathematics, and spelling.



Uggalle was five points ahead of her other competitors and reached the winning 10-point mark by spelling the word 'neurohypophysis'. Not only did she win but she also won in a style and panache not usually seen in 12-year-olds. And she followed her win with an inspiring acceptance speech that touched hearts and celebrated womenhood across not only the country but throughout the world.

Daily Mail/ Channel 4

Although proud about her win as she held her trophy, Uggalle was equally graceful and did not fail to acknowledge her competitor. She told the audience, "It's been really incredible and William put up an incredible fight." She then went on to talk about her main aim in entering the competition that not only floored the audience but even the judges. "One of the main reasons I entered myself in the competition was to show that there are a lot of stereotypes about girls not being able to do maths or physics for example. I'd like to show that that's not true at all," said Uggalle.

With Asian parents, the usual perception is that parents are always pushing their children to study 24/7 and forcing them into getting in mathematics and science. This was however not the case with Uggalle's parents. When Uggalle initially decided to enter the competition, her parents admitted, "I don't think we call ourselves pushy parents simply because I think Nishi is the pushy one." Uggalle said, "I'm going to show girls they can win things and do anything they want to."

Daily Mail/ Channel 4

During every edition of the show, hundreds of children apply from across the UK. There are a total of 19 appearing across the programme. The contest is open to children from the ages of eight to 12. The recent edition of the show has aired every night this week and culminated in the grand final with competitors challenged on a host of subjects such as spelling, mathematics, memory, vocabulary, geography, science and more.


With Uggalle's victory, praises came pouring in from all corners of the country and viewers were left speechless by the little girl's attitude. "You're a star and inspiration to all young girls!' one viewer commented. 'Some of the other contestants could have learned from your humanity," said another. Many others said they drew inspiration from Nishi. One viewer from the audience said, "I was clapping when Nishi won."  Another viewer said, "So deserved, self-motivated and excellent."






Yet another viewer said, "I sat gobsmacked watching Nishi on Child Genius. She was wonderful. Well done to her."  Another viewer of the final show wrote, Bravo Nishi absolutely deserved. As you've proved - this girl can. Another avid follower of the show wrote, Awesome Nishi - well done - and a really positive message about women in STEM in your acceptance speech' penned one. Another viewer wrote, Nishi is a star, doing it for the northerners and the girls and doing it off her own back. It was so refreshing to see her passion for physics. What a future she has ahead of her.

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