You Can Now Party Like You're In Ireland With These Inflatable Irish Pubs In Your Backyard!

You Can Now Party Like You're In Ireland With These Inflatable Irish Pubs In Your Backyard!

Companies are also offering the complete Irish experience with Irish drinks, food and entertainment to go with the inflatable pub.

St. Patrick’s Day might have come and gone but if you want to bring the Irish Party to your home, look no further than an inflatable Irish pub! Yes, you heard that right. You can now erect your own inflatable Irish pub in your backyard and party like you’re in Dublin.



The Irish Pub inflatable can also be described as another version of the bouncy castle but only with no ramp and thus helping you blow it up anywhere you want. You could set it up on your driveway or your own backyard and get your party going in no time.

An Irish company Inflatable Pub is selling them and they also ship overseas, Huffington Post reported. The inflatable comes with faux fireplace, chimney and stonework print on the vinyl exterior that will you and your guests feel like they are in Ireland. The inflatable pub can host up to 65 people at a time but can cost over $5, 900 plus shipping from Ireland. The smallest sizes can hold up to 35 people and are priced at $2,500.



You can also choose to rent the inflatable Irish Pub which can cost up to $435. It comes with a bar counter, benches, and lights. The inflatable pubs are an excellent choice for corporate events, family gatherings or even weddings.

If you're looking for more than hiring just the inflatable pub, you could hire companies that can give you the complete Irish experience right from the inflatable pub to Irish drinks, food, and entertainment.PaddyWagon, a Boston-based company is a pub-themed caterer that provides the full Irish experience with many added services apart from renting you the inflatable Irish pub. The company offers a menu that serves Irish food along with Irish music to set the mood.  Boston is often considered the hub of the American Irish community, and that where the company gets its name.

Irish inflatable pub party


Well, what’s an Irish Pub without alcohol! PaddyWagon serves cold pints of fresh Irish Stout apart from local beer and wine. The traditional Irish staples like Shepherd's pie, Curry Fries and Beef Stew are available. The company also serves sandwiches made from Irish cheeses and meats apart from a wide selection of Pies and Pasties as well.



You can also work with the PaddyWagon to customize your menu and drinks. As far as entertainment is concerned, you can try a traditional Irish band or opt for a DJ. To complete the experience, they also offer the Irish dance, an integral part of their culture and heritage, as part of the package. Local Irish dancers will be hired to keep you entertained. So what are you waiting for? Get partying because there ain't no party like an Irish pub party!

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