There's A Raging Debate Over The Right Word For 'Ice Pops'. What Do You Call Them?

There's A Raging Debate Over The Right Word For 'Ice Pops'. What Do You Call Them?

There seems to be a lot of debate regarding what these humble summer treats are called as. What do you call them?

Different parts of the world have different names for things. Chips mean one thing in the US and another in the UK. This is just one of the many examples of a cultural difference. Having said that, it's nearly summer, which means it's time for ice cream! This also brings about the "ice-pop" debate. What is there to argue about an ice-pop, you may ask, but there's a lot to it.  People have come up with a lot of names for an ice-pop. Some of the names range from 'freezie', 'tip top' and 'ice pole'. Shocking isn't it, that someone would ACTUALLY call an ice-pop an ice-pole?





One guy decided to set Twitter ablaze with his comment on what he claims is an ice-pole. Apparently, that is the right term to address a plastic tube filled with icy goodness in an assortment of flavors. The first time, there was a lot of confusion as to what it should be called, but recently, another seemingly simple poll has caused a lot more commotion! A man asked his followers if one were an "ice-cream" or an "ice-pole" person. 





People seemed to have lost it at "ice-pole" as they all took to Twitter to share their disbelief. Melissa Nixon said: "In Texas, they're Pop Ice because that's the brand name. So they're all pop ice, even store brand and generic. At least the brand name gets the point across what it IS. But Ice Pole is hilarious." Coxy said: "Defo 'ice pole' as it's a pole of ice, not a pop." A lot of people have also been calling it a 'tip top' to which a user named Muffin Top said: "A tip-top?? I've always known them as ice pops and I will bring my son up with the same knowledge!!!"  





Surprisingly, A LOT OF PEOPLE seemed to call it an ice pole and they also stated that anyone else who called it otherwise was simply wrong. On Facebook, Gemma Bradford said: "We call these bad boys 'Zooper Doopers".  What even is a 'zooper dooper'? Ethan Porter strongly said:"If you say anything other than an ice pop you were dropped at childbirth." Tim Opper seemed tired of the argument and wanted to settle it once and for all. He said: "It’s right in the headline: Ice Pops. How is this a problem?"





The plastic in which the ice pop/pole comes in is quite rough and Shaun Wagg agrees. He said: "I think we can all agree on that they cut the hell out of the sides of your mouth though." But it was all worth it, right? David Ball doesn't seem to understand and quite frankly stated: "It's a pole made of ice. So it's an ice pole. What exactly is a "pop" supposed to be? It's just a sound." John Knight gave a more detailed explanation. He wrote: "Ice pole. An ice lolly has a stick in it and an ice cream has ice cream in it.  Frozen juice shaped like a pole is an ice pole."





Some others seemed to refer to it at tip tops and cool pops. Kim Tanner said they're called as "Flavored Ice or Icy Pop - United State." But all said and done, who in their right mind would want to call it a "Freeze Rod"? Also, another term for it is called an Otter Pop. Alida Thomas concurred. She said, "What? It’s an otter pop. And I’m weirded out that I’ve only seen one other comment saying the same. I’ve never heard freeze pop or tip top or ice pop or pole. It’s an OTTER POP. Edit: I’m in America. Specifically San Diego." So, what's your take on it?




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