These Powerful Illustrations Show The Sad And Disturbing Nature Of The Modern World

These Powerful Illustrations Show The Sad And Disturbing Nature Of The Modern World

We live in a society that is afflicted with many probelms. These illustrations are commentaries on things we tackle tirelessly on a daily basis.

The world we live in today is highly visual. At almost all points in our lives, we look at screens. Be it our phones, our desktops or laptops, tv screens, or billboards.  We also live in an era that that is quite unlike any other time in the past. It is an age of paradoxes. Technology, science, and medicines have seen rapid strides yet there are still a vast majority people who cannot even afford a basic need such as lighting, many still defecate in the open and people regularly die of malnourishment. The minority who own resources control the world. Governments are supposed to serve the poor and the needy yet they work to enrich themselves. People spend their entire lives working for money yet there is still no happiness. Portraying such modern ailments that afflict our society is a new breed of highly conscious artists. Each and every work is a commentary on the harsh realities of our lives. 

1. You feel alone in the world even though you are living among many around you 


2. Loved ones are right in front of you but you prefer to build walls by hankering after the affection and lives of strangers in the virtual world 


3. Running the rat race has become the norm even though you don't know why you are actually in it.


4. There is a constant and artificial need to move. No one lives in or enjoys the moment


5. Broken families have become the new normal in our society. No one is happy with what or who they have


6. The power of nature could have been used for the common good. It is instead, being used to push mankind to the brink


7. Year after year, you think that things will get better but instead, things only spiral out of control


8. The elite have hijacked resources, governments, agendas. How can 1 percent of the population control the fate of the world?


9. Remembering a time when you were a carefree child is probably the only comfort you can seek 


10. The newest affliction that affects the world right now is the constant need to know and be appreciated when actually you don't really need these 


11. Anonymity over the virtual world has become the biggest weapon for criminals who prey on vulnerable souls 


12. On the other hand, governments who are increasingly suspicious of their own citizens have themselves turned into criminals. The surveillant and voyeuristic age is here  


13. Family life is also no longer secure. The first and basic unit of society is in shambles 


14. The cure for every ill is thought to be in a pill 


15. So many people no longer want to deal with the world 


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